Wilfredo Sánchez

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San Francisco, CA
Email: [email protected]
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Apple Computer, Inc.
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014
Email: [email protected]

Work that is challenging, interesting and fun in a scenario where politics doesn't get in the way of getting Real Work done, surrounded by people with similar objectives.


Computing Skills: Programming experience with Python, C, Objective-C, Java, and UNIX shells. Extensive development experience with BSD UNIX systems and Mac OS. Expertise in toolkit API design and systems architecture. Planning, design, and development experience with Internet applications, including maintenance tools and applications, back-end infrastructure, and dynamic applications.

Work Experience
Burning Man; San Francisco, California / Black Rock City, Nevada
Department Manager, Black Rock Rangers
Member, Black Rock City Operations Team
Member, Black Rock City Tier 1 Team
August 2001 to present

Part of a team of volunteers that protects a remarkable community in an annually re-created temporary city of approximately 70,000 citizens. Responsibilities include: resolving conflicts before they escalate, handling emergency situations, and calling in additional resources as necessary. Help maintain community-defined standards for conduct in an environment with minimalist rules. Enhance the safety of the Black Rock City population.

Coordinate Ranger activities, manage Rangers on duty, respond to escalated incidents, and liaise with event management, emergency medical teams, law enforcement, and other departments. Manage the acquisition of resources for the Ranger department, the construction of facilities, and provide support for operational teams. Manage the department budget, expense tracking, reporting, and accountability. Represent the department to event management, BLM law enforcement, the Pershing County Sheriff's Office, BLM civilian staff, and others. Manage the Ranger Council (senior management).

Author and maintainer of the Ranger Incident Management System and deployment systems for several applications. Manage build systems and cloud infrastructure for internal software services.

November 2005 to present
Core Developer

Implemented WebDAV support for twisted.web2. Implemented a new logging system and application runner for Twisted. Working on modernizing the core API for Klein. Ongoing development, code reviews, and software infrastructure.

April 2012 to present
PSF Fellow

Contributor to a number of software projects including: Twisted, attrs, hyperlink.

October 2020 to present
Member of the Board

Appointed by the Governor of California as a public member of the BPELSG.

Apple Inc.; San Francisco, California
Senior Architect, Apple Media Products Engineering
June 2015 to November 2018

Worked on Internet services dating back to 2002 to utilize modern best practices for the development and deployment of software services. Developed on-boarding programs for new engineering staff.

Apple Inc.; Cupertino, California
Engineering Manager, Communication Services
May 2005 to May 2015

Managed a team responsible for calendar, contacts, mail, messages, database, web, and wiki services in Mac OS X Server. Built a standards-compliant calendaring and scheduling service. Implemented the WebDAV, WebDAV ACL, CalDAV, and CardDAV protocols (extensions to HTTP) in Python using the Twisted framework. Participated in the standards process for related protocols through the IETF and CalConnect. Designed a data store API for calendar and contact data storage. Oversaw a design for a server archtecture that provides a solid framework for scalability, background work queing, and service partitioning.

Released Calendar Server as an open source project. Deployed and managed the initial version of Mac OS Forge, Apple's external open source project hosting site.

Apple Computer, Inc.; Cupertino, California
Senior Software Engineer, iTunes Music Store
September 2002 to May 2005

Part of the team that created and launched the iTunes Music Store. Responsible for designing, managing, automating and maintaining the process of aquiring (many terabytes of) music and other data from 3rd parties and integrating that data into the music store. Used Unix scripting, Python, SQL, Java, Apple's WebObjects/EOF tools and other software to manage audio, images, XML metadata and workflow. Helped define the internal database schema for content relationships.

Interfaced with staff at content providers to develop and resolve issues with inbound content. Defined and documented the iTunes Music Store package and meta data specifications used by content providers to deliver music to Apple. Wrote tools to provide internal visibility into the content supply chain.

KnowNow, Inc.; Mountain View, California
Developer Community Manager
February 2001 to July 2002

Engineering manager for a team of engineers responsible for developing the initial prototype server software for KnowNow's messaging system and author of the KnowNow C Microserver, an API for sending and receiving asyncronous messages over HTTP from a single-threaded C application. Responsible for KnowNow's developer relations program, including developer messaging, training programs, conference representation, and customer and developer technical support.

June 1999 to present
Developer, PMC Member, Apache HTTP Server
Developer, PMC Member, Apache Portable Runtime

Ported the Apache web server to Mac OS X, general server development. Co-emcee for ApacheCon Lighting Talks for several years.

Apple Computer, Inc.; Cupertino, California
Senior Software Engineer / Scientist, Core Operating System Group
Open Source Engineering Lead
July 1997 to February 2001

One of the technical leads for the design and bringup of Apple's next-generation operating system, Mac OS X. Participated in the implementation of several aspects of the system: maintained most of the userland BSD Unix subsystem, including system services such as the web server, system libraries, some of the development tools, OS security, etc.

Responsible for providing the power and functionality of BSD without burdening Apple customers with Unix arcana. This included providing a suitable interface to BSD facilities, limiting the visibility of the underlying system to the typical user, and architecting new software to bridge the BSD world with the Macintosh world. (See The Challenges of Integrating the Unix and Mac OS Environments, USENIX Technical Conference 2000.)

Updated large portions of Mac OS X's BSD subsystem to current code while setting up an infrastructure with which Apple can continue to leverage the latest developments in the BSD space. Built relationships with various open software projects, and submitted Apple's changes for adoption by the various groups. Managed the engineering side of Apple's open source efforts: Set up the basic infrastructure for community development and managed outside development efforts. (See Open Software in a Commercial Operating System, USENIX Technical Conference 1999.)

Responsible for the design and implementation of source code and build management methodology for Core OS, including management of a CVS-based source repository, definition of the change control policy and process, and resolution of conflicts between development teams.

Disney Online; North Hollywood, California
Software Engineer
May 1996 to July 1997

Responsible for enabling commerce activities for Disney business units via the Disney Online-operated Internet services. Implemented WebObjects applications for interactive Web sites: played a major role in the deployment of the Disney Store Online; implemented and deployed Disney.com Find and Send A Pooh Gram. Built several reusable code bases for use at Disney Online, including an Object-based API layer for the Verity Developer's Kit and the OpenMarket Commerce SDK. Restructured existing and new code to provide for long-term scaleability of software libraries and practical reuse of code. Established a revision control system and development practices for Disney Online software engineering.

Agora Technology Group, Inc.; Cambridge, Massachusetts
Vice President, Technology
May 1994 to April 1996

Principal member of an M.I.T. startup company based on Internet publishing. Manager of technology development and many corporate consulting projects including the initial launch and ongoing maintenance of the Data Communications Magazine and Bay Networks corporate sites. Devised and implemented a suite of World Wide Web server and document maintenance tools. Chief software architect for an on-line college career placement and recruiting service used by several top universities. Designed an relational database system which integrated into HTML generation and management tools. Managed a group of programmers and designers in creating Web software, site implementation, and quality control. Expertise in Web site design and strategic uses of Internet publishing.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, Massachusetts
Integrated Studies Program
September 1991 to April 1996

Responsible for managing computing resources available to ISP, an alternative freshman program. Coordinated tutorial services for ISP students. Advisor to students. General administration.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, Massachusetts
The Institute for Learning and Teaching
July 1992 to August 1994

Staffed M.I.T.'s Summer Teachers' Institute and assisted each summer in training and educating 60-70 public school teachers from various school systems in the U.S. about new models for learning and teaching, new methods for designing curricula around real world applications, and other topics. Devised uses for computers in education and curriculum development.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, Massachusetts
Media Laboratory, Electronic Publishing Group
June 1991 to June 1992

Software Engineer, Newspapers of the Future Project. Worked with a team of developers to create a model for a modern news retrieval and presentation system (personalized news). Designed and implemented software for image conversion, and personalized radio news.


DropScript, Or How to Build a Way Easy Yet Spiffy App, MacTech Magazine, Vol. 17, No. 08, August 2001

The Challenges of Integrating the Unix and Mac OS Environments, 2000 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, Invited Talks

Open Software in a Commercial Operating System, 1999 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, FREENIX Track

Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, Massachusetts
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science and Engineering, 1995

Subjects include: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Systems Design, Software Engineering Lab, Digital Systems, Digital Design Lab, Artificial Intelligence, Computability, Psychology.

Thesis work in implementing autonomous computer animated characters.

Extracurriculars include: Technique Yearbook, Photography Editor, Business Manager, Adviser; Computer Graphics Society, Founder, Director; Gilbert & Sullivan Players, Technical Director; Lecture Series Committee, Sub-director; East Campus House Committee; Marching Band.

Tullahoma High School; Tullahoma, Tennessee
Honors Diploma, 1990
Balboa High School; Balboa, República de Panamá

Basic Incident Command System, 2005

Group Facilitation Skills, 2020

Awards Time Magazine 2003 Invention of the Year, iTunes Music Store
Fortune Magazine 2003 Product of the Year, iTunes Music Store
2004 Webby Awards (Commerce, Music), iTunes Music Store

Interests include: aviation, photography, communities, news and information systems, education.